My Thoughts

with Al Lindner

My Thoughts

Every year, I get many emails and letters in the mail concerning my thoughts at the end of the showinspirational segments that I do. I’ll often keep a pile of them because there was something in the letter that I felt at some point would make a good and interesting topic for the show. Again, most of the letters are uplifting, stating how much they love the inspirational part of the show, keep doing what I’m doing, rah-rah-rah. I love it and appreciate it.  

But every once in a while, I get one, or I see somebody in a restaurant, or they come up to me at a boat landing and say something like Hey, I love your show — it’s a great fishing show — but I don’t like the closes, and I don’t want you shoving your beliefs down my throat. 

 I’m not pushing my beliefs down anybody’s throat.  

I’m sharing my beliefs and experiences and things from the word of God in hopes that it inspires you. These are things that have touched me in extraordinary ways — that’s why I’m sharing them with you. Again, I do not intend to shove anything down your throat. 

The bottom line is: God gave you free will. 

What an amazing gift he gave us, free will. 

You can sit there, receive it listen to it, maybe be blessed by it. That’s a desire in my heart. Or you could turn it off.

 Free will is such a blessing when you use it right.

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