How I Start My Day

with Al Lindner

I get so many emails, and letters from people that are hurting. Most of them are all dealing with the issues of life.

In my experience, there are three things that none of us are going to escape or hide from here on earth: health, financial and relationship issues.

Relationship issues can be family and friends. A lot of times, it’s a co-worker — there are people you have a hard time working with and wish you didn’t have to work with them. And I do not know a single person who has not had a financial issue or health issue at some point in their life.

When I get back to these people who have reached out, I always share with them how I start my day.

When I first get up in the morning, the first thing that I say is:

This is the day that the LORD has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Saying the words every morning gets it out of your mind, out of your mouth, and into your heart, setting up your thinking for the day for the right attitude to deal with the challenges we all face somehow, somewhere, sometime.

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