Wavy Label Sunglasses

by Al Lindner & Ty Sjodin

Al Lindner and Ty Sjodin talk early season, ice-out crappie fishing and share one of the most important tools in capitalizing on this shallow water bite: a good pair of sunglasses! Our go-to choice is Wavy Label. They are excellent glasses at an affordable price, and they come with a lifetime warranty!

Wavy Label sunglasses are fitted with a wrap style frame which allows for the highest level of sun protection, designed specifically to maximize visibility on the water! We created them to be durable, so that when you are out fishing they won’t break easily when you are reeling that ginormous prize back into the boat.

  • Designed to maximize visibility on the water
  • Nose & temple pad
  • Wrap style frame offers maximum sun protection
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sunglass case included

Is Satan Real?

An article titled: "Mississippi", is about adding "In God We Trust" to the new state flag and that members of a satanic temple would be offended — with plans to sue the state of Mississippi. This satanic temple was created in 2013, and it has been involved in other...


Great Lakes Smallmouth Bass Bonanza

Surveys show that bass hold the top spot in the hearts of American anglers from coast to coast. A look at the shelves at most major fishing tackle retailer also suggests this trend. From New York to Minnesota, smallmouths may be the most popular bass...

Great Lakes Smallmouth Bass

Fishing Lines: How to Chose the Best Line

Never in history have we had the luxury of so many choices in fishing lines. Not only are they made from various materials that offer special advantages, but the quality of today’s products is better than ever. In their ads, manufacturers boast that they’re thinner...

Gear: WalleyeWALLEYE

Catching River Walleyes

By this time of year, even the most die-hard ice anglers may be itching to get the boat out. Even while many lakes remain frozen in the northern regions, big rivers beckon, with walleye populations that have already begun their earliest pre-spawn feeding. In many...

River Walleyes

Managing Muskies

  Muskies are, without doubt, the most prized freshwater sportfish. Historically, catching just one has been a badge of honor, and expert anglers often spend several long days on the water to boat one. When it comes to managing muskies and muskie numbers,...

managing muskies

Fishing Pressured Muskies

https://youtu.be/ZDeztaffiA0 Muskies are unquestionably one of the top bucket list gamefish in North America. Interestingly, even on good water at the right time, musky can be a tough fish to catch! What’s the key to musky success? It’s simple. Spend a lot of time...

Fishing Pressured Muskies

Early Season Bass: Prespawn

https://youtu.be/bTJRWqk6o1I With weather conditions stabilizing following a turbulent spring, largemouth bass move shallow in earnest, feeding aggressively prior to constructing nests for spawning as the water temperature rises above 60º F.
In most cases, bass...

early season bass

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