Bobber Fishing Walleye: Power Corkin’

with James & Nick Lindner

Bobber Fishing Walleye Video: Nick and James Lindner hit a large natural lake and use an aggressive spin on bobber fishing walleye tactic called termed power corkin’.

When you think about float fishing, you think of a deliberate and slow technique, but the thing is float fishing can be aggressive – think how anglers approach redfish, and at times, crappies.

Yes, float fishing doesn’t have to be a slow show. There are a lot of different ways to skin a cat and presentations can be a lot more versatile than what you think.

Fact is, most presentations have a neutral side and an aggressive side. And float fishing is definitely one of them. With slip-bobbers, we call it power corking, and it can work wonders on walleyes in many different situations.

Today on the edge, we join James and Nick Lindner on a large natural Lake in central Minnesota as they adopt an age-old technique for catching walleyes – slip bobbers. But how they fish ‘em is different given the weather and fish behavior….

Only a walleye angler would complain about calm waters, and warm, high skies but Nick and James demonstrate how aggressively fishing slip-bobbers can be the recipe for a great day on walleye waters despite the conditions

Yes, it’s time for power corkin’ walleyes!


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