Frog Fishing Bass

Frog Fishing Bass Video: Big bass on frogs — this show is as good as it gets! Watch as Al and James Lindner on one of the best topwater bites they’ve experienced in years.

The Best Frog Baits for Hooking Fish

Al Lindner: “When it comes to frog baits, there are two that stand out as the best for hooking fish – the Terminator Walking Frog and the Popping Frog. These baits have proven to be highly effective in enticing bass to strike. As an experienced angler who has been fishing for over 50 years, I can confidently say that these two frog baits are among the best I have ever used.”

Constant Improvement in Frog Bait Design

Over the years, frog bait design has evolved and improved. From the early days of the Bill Plummer frog to the modern-day versions, there have been significant advancements in the design and functionality of frog baits. The Terminator Walking Frog, for example, features a lifelike walking action that mimics a real frog’s movement on the water’s surface. This realistic action is what makes it so effective in attracting bass.

Timing is Key in Frog Fishing

One of the most intriguing aspects of frog fishing is the importance of timing. In my experience, I have found that bass tend to be more active in shallow water with heavy cover when the sun is up, and there is some cloud cover. This combination of factors creates the perfect conditions for bass to feed on bait and makes frog fishing highly productive.

I have witnessed this phenomenon countless times in fishing tournaments. In the morning, when the sun is just rising, and the fish are inactive, you may not see a single fish in the water. But as the sun comes up and it gets a little cloudy and overcast, the fish suddenly become more active and start blowing up on bait—this is when frog fishing shines.

Using Talons for Efficient Fishing

When fishing in heavy cover, it is important to have a fixed position to make precise casts. This is where Talons, a shallow water anchor, comes in handy. By using Talons to pin the boat down in a specific spot, anglers can make more efficient casts and be more tuned in to the bites.

Fishing with the Wind for Better Results

Another tip for successful frog fishing is to fish with the wind. When the wind blows into the cover, it lines up the cover with the wind direction, making it easier to target the pockets and holes where bass are likely to be hiding. By positioning the boat with the wind at your back, you can fish with the grain of the cover and increase your chances of hooking a bass.

The Importance of Mapping in Shallow Water Fishing

Mapping is a crucial tool when it comes to shallow-water fishing. By studying the map of a lake, anglers can identify key spots and structures that are likely to hold bass. In the case of frog fishing, mapping can help identify shallow water beds, lily pad beds, and underwater cabbage beds that are prime locations for bass to hide and feed.

In addition to identifying key spots, mapping can reveal important details about the depth and contours of the water. This information is valuable when determining the best approach for frog fishing. For example, knowing the depth of the water can help anglers choose the right frog bait and adjust their presentation accordingly.

The Right Tools for Frog Fishing

When it comes to frog fishing, having the right tools is essential. A heavy power, fast action rod is recommended to handle the dense cover and muscle bass out of it. A reel with a high gear ratio, such as the Daiwa Tatula, allows for quick and accurate casts. And using a strong and durable line, like the 50-pound Suffix 832, ensures that anglers can cut through the weeds and land their catch.


Frog fishing is a highly effective technique for catching bass in heavy cover. The right frog baits, timing, and tools are essential for success in frog fishing. The Terminator Walking Frog and the Popping Frog are two top choices for frog baits that have proven to be highly effective in enticing bass to strike. Timing is key in frog fishing, with bass being more active in shallow water with heavy cover when the sun is up and there is some cloud cover.

Using Talons for anchoring the boat in a fixed position and fishing with the wind can greatly improve results in frog fishing. Mapping is an important tool for identifying key spots and structures in shallow water fishing. It helps anglers locate prime locations such as shallow water beds, lily pad beds, and underwater cabbage beds where bass are likely to hide and feed.

Having the right tools, such as a heavy power, fast action rod, a reel with a high gear ratio, and a strong and durable line, is crucial for frog fishing. These tools allow anglers to handle the dense cover, make accurate casts, and cut through the weeds to land their catch.

Faith can also play a significant role in fishing. For one angler, his faith in God has had a profound impact on his life and his approach to fishing. He sees fishing as an opportunity to glorify God and be a blessing to others. Sharing the gospel and the truth of Jesus’ sacrifice is important to him, and he uses his passion for fishing to make a positive impact on others.

Frog fishing is a technique that requires the right baits, timing, tools, and faith. By following these tips and techniques, anglers can increase their chances of success in catching bass in heavy cover. So grab your frog baits, anchor down with Talons, and fish with the wind for a productive and fulfilling frog fishing experience.


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