Humminbird FishSmart App

by Jeff Simpson

Humminbird FishSmart App

The Humminbird FishSmart app is a FREE iOS and Android app allows you to purchase, download and view 2,200+ LakeMaster HD maps on your smartphone or tablet. It displays your real-time location via GPS, so you can mark waypoints, routes and tracks. And, to save you even more time on the water, FishSmart also helps keep your Bluetooth®-enabled Humminbird up to date, even connecting you with Technical Support.

Again, using the Humminbird FishSmart app, you just purchase any one of the more than 2,200 HD LakeMaster maps directly from your Apple or Android device. The App gives you so many options from highlight depth, too shallow water highlight, to water level offset, you’ll have everything you need to make the most of your time on the water. You can even overlay your maps with satellite images. Get a head start on fishing trips with waypoints and routes. Even save your on-water tracks for future trips or for sharing with your friends via text or email. You can even transfer them to your Humminbird control head. Once on the water, know your exact location, speed and course on the water with GPS-enabled navigation available in FishSmart directly through your iPhone or Android phone.


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