Shadow Rappin Bass

with Al & James Lindner

Rapala Shadow Rappin Bass
You know jerk baits are one of those lures that we have tied on if we’re smallmouth bass fishing every time you go out on the water. The dying-baitfish lure action just triggers predatory smallmouth bass.
Up here in the North Country we actually fish the jerk bait from ice out to ice back on. Its a bait we fish all year round and again a lot of times we’ll be fishing in water temperatures that are in the high 30 degree mark.

Jerkbaits really work on a year round basis and not a lot of other lures can do that.

One jerk bait we use all the time is Rapala’s Shadow Rap. It comes in an array of colors and its slim profile gives off a ton of flash and action.

One thing that is key about the Shadow Rap is the fact of how you can actually manipulate the speed of the bait. This is important because you will fish this bait dramatically different depending on the time of year and the water temperature.

There’s no question about it spring, summer, or fall the jerkbait like Rapala’s Shadow Rap is a bait you need in your tackle box.

Make sure to get yourself some Rapala shadow raps so you can get yourself some shadow rappin bass.


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